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7 Rays Heating – NEVADA


Did you know that Prestamos CDFI has programs that help you with the financial resources you need to start your own business? Read about these resouces and how Tanya Burston is using them to open Yogurtini.

TL Family Nurse Practice

Being a professional or expert in your field does not mean that you are ready to start your own business, know the story of two registered nurses in Arizona in what they learned while starting their own business.

Whole Groom LLC

When Stacy and Janeen searched for a place to get their pet groomed, it led them to start their own business, Whole Groom LLC. This is the story of the Howard family.

A Sign For the Times – PPP Funding Assists Century Old, Christy Signs

Hair J’s Barber Shop & School

His immigration status limited him for years, but now he is starting his own school with the support of Prestamos CDFI, this is the story of Gerardo "Jerry" Magdaleno.

Frontier Apt Movers

Songbird Coffee and Tea House Impact story

B’s Granite and Marble

Family-owned and operated businesses often spur feelings of joy, closeness and respect. B’s Granite and Marble, a local granite installer and supplier is the epitome of a successful family-owned business. While the road to success was not always linear and oftentimes presented to be rather bumpy, for Ramiro, Arturo, Amado, y Jose Becerra; having each other to depend on throughout the journey has been what has kept them motivated... Read More

Barra Maria

Creating a legacy and tradition is what motivates Maria Gonzalez everyday as a business owner. While the 20 years have not been a walk in the park for the business, Maria still... Read More

Tamales y Tacos Puebla Phoenix Spotlight Story

Abyssinian Style

Having an entrepreneurial spirit is something that is ingrained deep in the spirit of a person. It is a passion and drive to pour your soul into an idea. For Abdullah Zaki, this passion is what drove him to open Abyssinian Style, a cultural hub for fragrances and aromas located in Tucson, Arizona. What started as a stand at the Tanque Verde Swap Meet, became a fully operational storefront located in the heart of Tucson in 2020. Read More

Raul’s Cocina

The three ingredients that have made Raul’s Cocina a success are family, tradition and love. Raul’s Cocina, a local vegan Mexican food restaurant in Phoenix, is rooted in history & the bond of family. Anna “Salsa” Salazar, owner of Raul’s Cocina, spent the majority of her childhood in the kitchens of her nana (grandmother) and tias (aunts). The aromas, rhythmic noises of pots and pans all sparked feelings of joy and happiness... Read More

Rebeca Camargo Arizona

Talking of money and finances can be a difficult conversation for people to have, sometimes more so with their own families and loved ones. The taboo surrounding talks of money and financial knowledge is due to the lack of resources and understanding of personal finances. Rebeca Camargo, an independent certified financial consultant, understands first hand how that lack of understanding can have profound impacts... Read More

Aioli Gourmet Burgers & Catering

Hive Mobile & Event Bartending

The birth of every business is usually tied to a unique life event or story. That is no different for The Hive Mobile and Event Bartending. For 13 years, Bridgette Baldwin happily dedicated her career to bartending. While she enjoyed the industry, life had bigger plans for her. After becoming a mother, she quickly realized she could not continue working until 4 am & stay up well into the morning to take care of her daughter. Read More

Yogis Grill DTPHX

Did you know that there are loans to buy an already established business? Learn the history of Kenneth Hightower and his Yogis Grill franchise.

B’s Granite & Marble

Art’s Printing