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My Brew LLCWhen your first job becomes your passion, businesses like My Brew Mobile Coffee Truck are born. That’s what happened to Denise Lewis, who worked for over 5 years at Starbucks and even became a manager at one of the busiest locations in Tucson, AZ.

Shy and Introverted
Denise Lewis says she was always a very introverted person who found it difficult to talk to people. However, with her first job at a Starbucks and the support of her first supervisor, she developed her people skills and became more extroverted over time. She now enjoys interacting with people.

Business and Entrepreneurship Degree
Denise graduated from the business school at the University of Arizona in Tucson with a degree in Business and Entrepreneurship. She worked for 10 years in the administrative area of her university but missed the direct interaction she had with people when she worked at the coffee shop. That’s when the idea for her own mobile cafe came to life, and she opened it in April 2023.

Future and Challenges
As a new business, Denise is in the process of determining the direction and offerings of her coffee shop. One of her main challenges is deciding whether to open every day or only for events. So far, the business is going well, and she has been busy serving at various school events, including her children’s schools. In the coming months, she plans to create brand awareness by generating buzz on social media and at events.

Relationship with Prestamos CDFI
During her search for financing to start her business, Denise found CDFI Loans online and managed to obtain a loan to kickstart her project. With the funds received, she purchased equipment and supplies to start creating her own beverages. One of the unique features of her business is that she creates a special drink for each event she attends.

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