Client Spotlight Stories

TL Family Nurse Practice Woman Owned

TL Family Nurse Practice

Being a professional or expert in your field does not mean that you are ready to start your own business, know the story of two registered nurses in Arizona in what they learned while starting their own business.
Sylvan Learning Center Blue Diamond Las Vegas Woman owned

Sylvan Learning Center Blue Diamond Las Vegas

Work & academic experience are very important to start a business. Learn the story of Tina Herrera & her school tutoring business, Sylvan Learning Center in Las Vegas, NV.
Yuma Landing Company Yvonne Peach

Yuma Landing Company

Imagine that your 40-year-old business is at risk due to the pandemic and on top of experiencing the loss of a loved one months before. Learn the story of Yvonne Peach and the Coronado Historic Motor hotel.

Let’s Scale

Saul was connected to Prestamos by a trusted industry colleague. Through the SBA program at Prestamos, Saul was able to take advantage of their loan services, but what he really appreciates is... Read More
Barra Maria feature

Barra Maria

Creating a legacy and tradition is what motivates Maria Gonzalez everyday as a business owner. While the 20 years have not been a walk in the park for the business, Maria still... Read More

Rebeca Camargo Arizona

Talking of money and finances can be a difficult conversation for people to have, sometimes more so with their own families and loved ones. The taboo surrounding talks of money and financial knowledge is due to the lack of resources and understanding of personal finances. Rebeca Camargo, an independent certified financial consultant, understands first hand how that lack of understanding can have profound impacts... Read More