Business Consulting

What kind of business advising does Prestamos provide?

At Prestamos we are in the business of helping businesses succeed. Understanding that each client has unique needs, our approach is never a one size fits all. In efforts to address that, our commitment to our clients is to provide them with top-notch service and expertise. That is where our business consultants come in. To truly understand the areas of growth opportunity of our clients, our consultants take the time to personally meet and learn about each business. Our highly-skilled and knowledgeable consultants come with an array of expertise and were selected by Prestamos to address the needs of our clients.

From business owners, accountants and financial experts, to website developers, social media and content experts; our consultants are gurus in their respective fields. They are able to provide our clients with website building, processes and procedure solutions to streamline operations, business development, financial and accounting assistance, or content development. The advising capabilities of our consultants is vast and valuable.

How do I qualify to get consulting for my business?

Any business that has applied and received loan services from Prestamos qualifies to receive business consulting from our team.

Is there any additional cost to get access to the business advisors?

There is no additional cost to receive consulting services. Access to business consulting from the Prestamos team is included for our clients. Our loan clients are eligible to receive free consulting services throughout the life of their loan and even continuation of certain services after the loan has been paid in full. We encourage our clients to take advantage of our consulting services as our team of consultants are experts in their respective fields and can connect clients with a multitude of resources.

In some instances, our business consultants may suggest tools or third-party business services that may help the facilitation of certain tasks. The cost associated with these products or services are not covered or part of Prestamos and are the responsibility of the business owner.

  • General Coaching

    In efforts to provide valuable solutions based assistance, our general coaching consulting teams focus on helping our clients assess their needs and areas of growth opportunity. Whether it’s streamlining operations through proper processes and procedures, to effective business development skills our team is able to help provide our clients with the guidance and resources they need to amplify their businesses.

  • Financial

    Aside from providing a business loan, our consultants are also able to provide our clients with the tools and solutions to address the financial aspect of their business. Through guidance and support, our team helps businesses establish comprehensive strategies to address areas that may be impacting financial growth and profitability.

  • Marketing

    As a field that is constantly evolving, our marketing team is at the forefront of trends in the industry. From traditional to digital tactics, our consultants are able to assist in the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy. Our marketing experts help businesses with social media, content development, identifying collateral needs, and establishing metrics to measure success.

  • Online Branding & SEO

    Having a digital presence is crucial for the success of any business. With this understanding, our team of digital and SEO experts is able to help businesses have an impeccable online brand. Whether it be building or revamping an existing website, we are able to provide the support needed to ensure that our clients have a fully functional and effective website. This includes an in-depth analysis of the functionality to assist in optimizing sites for search engines, like Google, to help maximize website traffic and improving search engine page rank.

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