Sunshine Goddess Life – ARIZONA

Cynthia PratoStarting a business requires effort, patience and a lot of will power. These are all qualities that Cynthia Prato embodies as owner of Sunshine Goddess Life, a company where she offers services as a life coach since 2021.

“It has been like a roller coaster, with ups and downs, with positive and negative aspects” is how Cynthia Prato expresses herself about her experience as a business owner. One of her biggest challenges has been to find clients, so in order to maintain her business she has to also hold two part-time jobs.

Her organizational skills and attention to detail, combined with the support she has received from Prestamos CDFI, has allowed her to continue with her business. The training and mentoring she has received from the Latina Entrepreneur Academy has allowed her to create a business plan, a robust marketing strategy and develop her website. Cynthia is very grateful to Alex and Marlin for the support she has received through Prestamos CDFI.

After 5 months of support, she considers that the advice she has received from Prestamos CDFI has been very valuable, because she has been able to keep her business afloat and a balance between her company and her personallife. Prato does not hesitate to recommend Prestamos CDFI to other business owners or anyone who is planning to start a business.

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