Thompson Guitar and Thrift – ARIZONA

Thompson Guitar and ThriftDetermined to change careers, Josh and Courtney Thompson struck out in business and started selling guitar gear online. Josh was an insurance agent and Courtney an interior designer, and in search of a change, they bought an E-bay store, renovated it, renamed it, added other items, and from that Thompson Guitar and Thrift was born.

Their business officially opened 4 years ago, however, the pandemic led them to look for alternatives to survive and keep their business afloat. Through searching for assistance and resources, their accountant told them about the programs that Prestamos CDFI offered, they got information and found that the SBA program for small businesses could be a good fit for them.

“I 100% recommend Prestamos CDFI, the process was fast and really easy”, Courtney commented. In just a few weeks the Thompson’s had the financial resources that they needed to consolidate debts at very low interest and buy additional inventory. “Prestamos CDFI was what we needed and it appeared at the perfect time.”, says Josh.

Josh has been playing the guitar since he was 4 years old and his passion for music is what drives him to continue with his project. According to this couple, thanks to Prestamos CDFI: “we went from surviving in business to being in a growth stage.”

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