Yuma Landing Company – ARIZONA

Yuma Landing CompanyForty years the Peach couple started a life project, the Historic Coronado Motor Hotel, in Yuma, Arizona. Tragically, two months before the pandemic Mr. Peach, passed away, leaving Yvonne Peach in the middle of a refinancing process for her hotel building.

Yvonne feels tremendously grateful to Prestamos CDFI for all the support she received during the process, and in particular to Teresa who she said was awesome, because she had to do the whole process and paperwork again. “It was a tremendous help” she said about the refinancing process, which she described as fairly easy.

In addition to the death of her husband, Mrs. Peach had to face the pandemic crisis alone, which she described as terrible and worse than the financial crisis caused by the attacks of September 11, 2001. During the pandemic her business received support from Prestamos CDFI and the PPO program in order to maintain its employees.

Although she feels that her business is still recovering from the economic damage caused by the pandemic, Mrs. Peach says that she feels that her hotel is doing well. A point of pride for her is that she was able to fully maintain her staff of 46 employees during and after the pandemic, thanks to the support she received from Prestamos CDFI.

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