Patricia Ramón González – ARIZONA

Patricia Ramón González’s journey as a seamstress, and owner of Alterations Best Stitch, is not only a testament to her skill but also a poignant reflection of the challenges and triumphs faced by Hispanic business owners in the United States.

Hispanic entrepreneurs like Patricia often encounter significant obstacles when it comes to raising capital. Statistics reveal that Latino-owned businesses still struggle to match the revenues of their non-Latino counterparts. With a median annual revenue of $538,588 compared to $583,502 for non-Latino-owned businesses, the disparity is evident. Credit scores among Latino business owners, averaging around 634, also underscore the financial barriers they face.

Patricia’s story, rooted in her upbringing in Guadalajara, Mexico, is a story of resilience and dedication. Her journey from observing her mother’s craftsmanship in a bridal boutique to becoming the luminary seamstress of Hollywood’s elite at Neiman Marcus is a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft.

In 2020, amid the challenges of the pandemic, Patricia took a brave leap to establish Alterations Best Stitch LLC. Her determination, combined with the support she found in organizations like Prestamos CDFI allowed her to enrich her skills through courses and seminars.

However, Patricia’s journey is not without obstacles. Like many Hispanic small business owners, she faces difficulties finding qualified candidates for her business, a challenge that affects approximately 70% of Hispanic entrepreneurs. However, she remains steadfast in her mission to establish a sewing school fostering skills for the future.

As Patricia measures her success “stitch by stitch,” the prospect of a new store in Scottsdale on her horizon symbolizes the indomitable spirit of Hispanic entrepreneurs like her determined to leave a lasting impact on their communities and the business world.

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