Whole Groom LLC – ARIZONA

Looking for a pet grooming service, Stacy and Janeen Howard found a lack of sufficient businesses in the Surprise, Arizona, area that offered it. That’s when Whole Groom, LLC, emerged after researching and responding to the market’s needs.

Previous experience
The Howards are professionals in the healthcare industry and have ventured into consulting and school uniform businesses. Janeen Howard has been instrumental in the establishment of Whole Groom LLC, as she has conducted extensive market research on pet stores and now oversees five full-time employees.

Their business twist
In addition to offering regular pet grooming services such as haircuts, nail trimming, baths, and ear cleaning, Whole Groom LLC provides wellness check-ups for dogs and cats. They keep track of visits and record any abnormalities to refer them to partnering veterinarians when necessary. The goal is to improve the quality of life for the animals they care for.

Total success
Whole Groom LLC was inspired by Zoose, a rescued dog in Arizona who became part of the Howard family’s life eight years ago and led them to create this business. Since its opening in April 2023, in just 8 weeks, they have served over 275 pets, thanks to their advanced online appointment system.

Near future
They plan to open four more stores in the Phoenix metropolitan area, Arizona, and are considering the possibility of turning Whole Groom LLC into a franchise in the coming years. From their perspective, there is a high demand for this service, especially when combined with the wellness check-ups that set their business apart.

Relationship with Prestamos CDFI
Through a radio advertisement, they learned about Prestamos CDFI and applied for a loan to make their business a reality. They received financing at a 1% interest rate. With the funds, they purchased equipment, renovated the building, and developed their marketing and online appointment program.

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