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A strong commitment to education is what has led Joshua Hays to maintain his academic support and mentoring project, ABC Guidance, which he founded in California in 2010 and expanded to Arizona. ABC Guidance is a non-profit organization that aims to help students at any school grade to be successful in school. Throughout these 13 years they have supported more than 450 students in their academic goals.

How this program works
This organization works through the grants received by school districts and charter schools to support students. Its philosophy is that each student is different and has specific ways of learning and needs. This is where ABC Guidance supports them comprehensively, both with academic tutoring as well as vocational mentoring.

The biggest challenge
For Hays, education is constantly changing, and the pandemic has created a significant gap among students. Making families understand that children require individualized attention according to their characteristics and needs is difficult, “we have to understand that it is difficult to learn algebra when you don’t know where you will live next month” says Hays in the case of low-income communities, and for families with high purchasing power, “the problems are others, such as distractions due to excessive electronic devices.”

Future plans
Hays, in addition to directing ABC Guidance, is a university professor, pastor, and vocational counselor. All these experiences help him work with students both in their academic processes and in their professional future. In the coming years, he plans to focus on students who lost skills during the pandemic and support them more in developing skills for the labor market.

The relationship with Prestamos CDFI
Through a friend he found out about Prestamos CDFI and participated in the free business coaching program that helped him with an action plan and budgets to learn about the growth possibilities of his business. Hays studied human resources and accounting, plus has master’s degrees in education and psychology. Text for social media Education must be individualized and considering the characteristics of each student, learn about the philosophy of Joshua Hays and his ABC Guidance program.

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