Yogis Grill Phoenix

Only 5 months have passed since Ken Hightower began his adventure as an entrepreneur with the purchase of the Yogis Grill franchise, a fast food restaurant located in the heart of the City of Phoenix.

Hightower decided on a food business due to his experience in the restaurant industry during his university years. In addition, he said that this business, which was already operating, was a good opportunity due to the location and accounting numbers. Though it’s been only been a few months since beginning, there have been no shortage of challenges and obstacles.

The first and biggest challenge has been the management and training of personnel. Since the hours of operation and service have increased, staff numbers have gone from 3 employees to 12 workers. Yogis Grill is now also open on Saturdays. Hightower points out that he is learning to manage employee schedules and adding new profitable services to his restaurant.

Without a doubt, his professional experience in marketing and advertising will be of great help in promoting his own business, especially during the special events that take place in the arena and stadium in downtown Phoenix.

Hightower was referred to Prestamos CDFI by the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and received a loan to purchase the business he now operates. He said he was very grateful to Prestamos CDFI, since thanks to that support he was able to fulfill his dream of having his own business.

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