Pam and Walker Smith – NEVADA

For some people the dream of having their own business does not disappear even after retirement, that is precisely what happened to Pam and Walker Smith. After a lifetime of working in California, the pair decided to move to Las Vegas, NV to start their first business.

In October 2019, Sadie’s Kitchen formally started, and it was thanks to their 16-year experience working in the catering industry as well as the support of their children, that they managed to establish their company. “Rewarding and challenging” is how this couple describes their experience as business owners, even more so when they had to overcome the pandemic at the beginning of their adventure as entrepreneurs.

Cooking international dishes that they call “comfort food” and catering to all kinds of events, from corporate to weddings and birthdays, the Smiths have managed to keep their business going by adding other services. Such as individual takeout orders and developing their own seasoning that now they are selling too.

“Working for yourself is fulfillment,” said Pam Smith about her experience as a business owner, who now employs 6 people when they have events. Pam added that they are ready to grow their project through a loan with Prestamos CDFI.

Sadie’s Kitchen received no cost business advice from Prestamos CDFI to improve their management skills and technical assistance to develop their social networks and website to promote their business and attract new customers.

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