ISFAC LLCIn the bustling corridors of airports, where travelers hustle and bustle, Angela Booker stands as a beacon of opportunity and empowerment for minority business owners. With over three decades of experience working within the aviation industry, Angela has dedicated her career to breaking down barriers and opening doors for underrepresented communities seeking access to federal contracts.

Angela’s journey began after her distinguished service in the Air Force, when fate led her to roles as a compliance officer and liaison for various airports across the United States in 1982. Armed with a wealth of experience and a passion for fostering diversity and inclusion, Angela embarked on a mission to support minority entrepreneurs interested in doing business with airports.

For Angela, the road to success has been fraught with challenges, particularly as an African American woman navigating a predominantly male-dominated industry. Yet, she remains undeterred in her commitment to advocating for equal opportunities and amplifying the voices of minority-owned businesses.

Central to Angela’s work is her dedication to helping minority entrepreneurs navigate the complex landscape of federal contracting with airports. From guiding them through the certification process to assisting with proposal submissions, Angela empowers these budding businesses to access lucrative opportunities and reach thousands of travelers nationwide.

One of Angela’s greatest sources of satisfaction is witnessing the growth and success of businesses she has supported, watching them evolve from humble beginnings to thriving enterprises with a presence in airports across the country. It is this tangible impact that drives Angela’s unwavering dedication to her cause.

In her quest to expand her impact and support even more minority-owned businesses, Angela turned to Prestamos CDFI for assistance. With the support of a loan at a low 1% interest rate, Angela was able to ensure the stability of her business during the challenging times brought on by the pandemic. Looking ahead, Angela dreams of expanding her team to include two full-time employees, allowing her to continue her mission of empowering minority entrepreneurs and fostering diversity within the aviation industry.

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