We work with high-impact commercial projects in local communities

Local communities are profoundly impacted by commercial real estate development. Projects are specifically selected based on improving the quality of neighborhoods and not just participating individuals. All phases of construction have significant benefits to the local economy, as reported by the NAIOP Research Foundation. Post construction, the residents benefit from ongoing employment in jobs that perform services like property management, maintenance and repair, security, cleaning, and financial services.

In addition to creating jobs, new and rehabilitation projects improve the overall appearance of the neighborhood, which in turn creates a higher demand for the amenities. By adding value to neighboring properties, growth is stimulated.

We strive to leverage community-based relationships in a collaborative effort to meet community needs and impact economic opportunity.

Community Facilities Investment

Some investors allocate some portfolio holdings to support community economic development. Community impact investing provides that vehicle for our partners. This asset class includes funding to facilitate a community’s access to health care, education and social services. The capital helps develop economic opportunities and create long-term jobs.


    The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program is designed to incentivize investors, through the use of tax credits, to promote economic growth in distressed communities


  • Millions invested in commercial real estate in low-income communities
  • New or rehabilitated non-profit community facility spaces financed
  • We serve thousands of low-income clients
  • Permanent jobs created or retained for low-income persons
  • Our financing leverages millions in additional capital
  • Manufacturing businesses creating quality jobs accessible to local residents
  • Healthcare businesses providing needed services while creating quality jobs
  • Non-profit community facilities providing services to low-income communities
  • Living wage jobs generation
  • Project sizes start at $5 million
  • Located in a qualified low-income census tracts
  • Substantial rehabilitation or new construction of commercial space
  • Provides low-income populations with substantial benefits

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