Everyday, entrepreneurs are forced to make decisions that have major impacts on their business. These decision are guided by your intuition, trends, habit, or experience. When making a decision that may not be your area of expertise, wouldn’t it be great to have a guide or a mentor that can help you identify potential risks with your decision? Or maybe a mentor to help you feel more confident with your decision. Prestamos CDFI offers no cost, accessible Business Empowerment Services, that offer just that. We offer the opportunity for you to learn about areas within your business, that you may not be most comfortable with, along with a variety of ways for you to access our curriculum.

Whether that be through one-on-one coaching meetings, or instructor led classes, we can help you feel more confident in areas you want to master. We seek to empower all entrepreneurs with a major focus on minority owned, women owned, or under resourced businesses. We have a full team of Business Advisors who have a passion for helping others through their knowledge and direct business experience.

Our services don’t stop there. Are you a business owner interested in applying for a Small Business Loan, do you know the typical guidelines of small business loans? It could also be that you need feedback on your Business Plan, or need support in completing your projections. Our Business Advisors can help guide you through these items, all while helping you understand why the feedback provided and improvements are needed. Maybe you want to learn the best marketing strategy for your specific industry, you can work with a Business Advisor, to help you identify the best Social Media platform for you, and the strategy for you to use to post content. We even help with support in developing your brand, and creating a logo.

Our clients have experienced major growth and have achieved many milestones by working with our expert Business advisors. For example, Hilda Pena, owner of Botas Juarez, a western wear retail store in Phoenix, AZ. When she began utilizing our services in 2020, she only had one full time employee and one part time employee. Hilda has now grown her staff to five full time employees and one part time employee. Botas Juarez has also increased their net sales by 105% from 2020 to 2021. While the financial support provided to Botas Juarez by Prestamos CDFI was extremely important to keep the business strong during the pandemic, much of their success was to the dedication that Hilda had to growing and learning from her assigned Business Advisors. In the words of Hilda Pena, co-owner and General Manager, “it was the implementation of the strategies deployed via technical assistance the critical factor that made Botas Juarez to pivot in the right direction and achieve a growth net sales more than double in one single year.” Hidla utilizied multiple services from our Advisors, from help with financials and human resources, to brand development, social media strategies to even having a professional photography session to revamp the website.

Another example of success has been the collaborative branding effort with Brandee Dunn at Polished Clean Co. Our team of Business Advisors worked together to help create a brand strategy, with clear Mission and Vision standards. As a result, a clear messaging strategy was implemented which helped Brandee target her ideal audience. Additionally, with the help of our creative exper Polished Clean Co. was able to obtain a new logo that elevated the business to new heights.

Wherever your business may be leading you, we want to make sure you know we are here to be your partner through the journey. Whether that is just meeting with us to ensure you are prepared for potential roadblocks, or guide you while you navigate through a business decision, we have the resources to help. To sign up for our Business Empowerment Services, sign up here, and schedule your intake meeting now! We look forward to inspiring you towards empowerment!