CPLC Prestamos Supporting Local Business (COVID-19)

CPLC Prestamos understands that in times as we live today is when the support of our communities, partners and networks are crucial to move us forward. For this reason, we have systems in place and have taken necessary actions to continue the support to business communities that create jobs and help sustain our local economies.

We are in constant communication with national and local business leaders to maintain up-to-date information on products specifically designed to help businesses during this crisis.

In addition, CPLC Prestamos is coordinating with business partners and advocate groups such as Local First, SCORE, Better Business Bureau, and various chambers of commerce to create a greater support system, learn about each other capacities, resources, and action plans.

CPLC Prestamos will continue to support our communities through a comprehensive and collective approach for our local economy, please sign up for our newsletter and follow our COVID-19 Blog for the latest information.