Community Partners

Why We Partner

Prestamos has deployed over $131,400,430 in loans to business over the past 30 years. Our portfolio of investors includes financial, corporate institutions as well as individuals who align with our mission-driven lending.

Prestamos lending has assisted over 600 businesses creating over 2,400 jobs, helping individuals increase financial sustainability. Our loss rate of less than 2%, is below the national average and is covered by our loan loss reserve. We are proud of the strength of our portfolio.

What We Look For In A Partner

Prestamos seeks investors who align with our mission of economic empowerment, through access to capital and consulting services. We provide impacts of direct investment in local businesses and facilities, our team lends its expertise in community relationships, monitoring and managing the risk, and maintaining sufficient loss reserves.

We seek partners who understand the value of partnering with a proven CDFI, mitigating the expense of creating their own delivery vehicle.