Community Impact


Prestamos is an equal opportunity provider and our services are extended to individuals and businesses, regardless of their background. Business owners in urban and rural communities are both eligible to receive full service from Prestamos in order to fulfill their needs to grow and succeed. Although we strive to work with nearly every type of business, there are some business industries for which we do not provide services such as the adult industry, tobacco, or firearms.

For our communities to thrive, businesses need to succeed. Our goal is to reduce barriers for capital availability and to help individuals and businesses get an equal shot to succeed. Much of our focus is on working with families who have low to moderate-income levels and businesses who may not have the best track record and are unable to get traditional funding. We are dedicated to providing businesses in emerging communities the same access and opportunities to achieve success and position themselves at an advantage in the market.


Our mission is to positively impact our communities by promoting physical revitalization, making capital more available, and new job creation to support growth in the local economy. By leveling the playing field for businesses of every type we are able to help communities flourish throughout the southwestern United States.


We assist in developing economic opportunities by providing access to affordable funding via non-traditional small business financial resources to help small and emerging small businesses grow. Prestamos loans are structured to facilitate the ability of a business to purchase equipment, have working capital access, purchase or remodel real estate, and restructure debt.

In addition to funding, Prestamos provides business consulting support to its clients. Most businesses who get a loan with Prestamos have access to the business consulting team at no additional cost. This valuable coaching ranges from general business practices to financial guidance, to marketing and online presence tactics.

Prestamos collaborates with community organizations, leaders, and other stakeholders who have long term vested interest in revitalizing our communities. And, our work with the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program and through Opportunity Funds incentivizes investors to promote economic growth in distressed communities.

Fiscal Year 2022 – 23


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