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Prestamos CDFI, LLC is your partner in economic development, small business growth and quality job creation. Our loan products and consulting services are designed for the emerging business owner seeking funding. By leveling the playing field for businesses of every type we are able to help communities thrive. In providing high-quality lending programs paired with coaching we aid businesses in establishing sustainability and job creation.

As a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and a Community Development Entity (CDE), we are dedicated to providing businesses in emerging communities the same access and opportunities to achieve success and position themselves at an advantage in the market. Prestamos looks to help business owners in rural and urban communities thrive at their full potential by providing the tools and resources needed to grow and succeed.


Prestamos CDFI - CPLC Fifty Years est 1969Part of the Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. (CPLC) family since 1980, Prestamos has been a key part of the communities both entities serve. As one of the leading Hispanic nonprofits in the country, CPLC has been promoting stronger and healthier communities throughout the southwestern United States since 1969. Prestamos is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CPLC, which allows Prestamos to move at the speed of business. Prestamos plays a fundamental role in promoting and generating economic growth and opportunity in communities that need it most. Providing its expertise and business acumen to give CPLC the greatest amount of economic development opportunities, Prestamos works closely with entrepreneurs to create long term growth.


In an effort to provide our clients with the highest quality financial products and services, we have partnered with organizations that are committed to building resilient communities. With the support of organizations that are committed to providing businesses in our service areas opportunities for growth, we are able to provide capital investment that businesses and communities need through non-traditional business financing solutions. Our partners also help our team offer our clients additional resources to provide them with top-notch service.

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    Through our comprehensive loans, we give businesses that face financial barriers access to financial solutions to help establish and grow their businesses. Through these transformative investments, Prestamos is able to help develop business owners to become more financially self-sufficient and contribute to economic growth.


    One of the differentiators of Prestamos is our consulting services. Through our highly skilled team of expert consultants, we are able to provide our clients with assistance in areas such as accounting, Human Resources, marketing, website technical assistance, and many other areas to help businesses fully succeed. This added value that we provide our clients is the difference-maker in creating long-lasting impact.


    Our efforts are to help the communities we serve to flourish. Assisting our clients to grow and develop their business is what we strive for, but we work knowing that there is a bigger goal to achieve. By investing in our clients, we help revitalize and reinvigorate the communities they serve. By providing financing solutions like the New Markets Tax Credit or the Opportunity Zone programs, which help attract developers and investors to invest in economically distressed communities, we are able to have a larger impact when working with community leaders, businesses, and residents.


    As success can look very different for each of our clients, we focus on the bigger picture of what the development and growth of these businesses mean. At a much larger scale, by investing in growth opportunities for our clients, we are able to see the social and economic impact they have on their communities. From providing services that didn’t exist, or developing areas that were underserved and undeveloped, they are able to create jobs and opportunities for those that live in the communities. This leads to the economic growth and impact Prestamos is seeking to establish.


Prestamos is fully dedicated to our clients. Seeking to empower entrepreneurs is what our team strives for through each interaction and touchpoint. By providing small business owners in Central & Northern Arizona, Southern Arizona, New Mexico, Northern Nevada, and Southern Nevada with one-on-one assistance and mentorship, our team of consultants is trained to help identify areas of growth opportunity within their businesses and in their leadership. We help provide small business owners with resources to grow and accelerate their business through our expert consultants, and networking opportunities to expand their professional circles.


What is a CDFI?

A Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), like Prestamos, is dedicated to helping economic growth in underserved areas by providing financing solutions to businesses and economic development projects. Our small business loans are often easier for which to qualify than traditional bank loans. Most CDFI loans are simple products that have predictable payments at affordable rates and fees. We are also more likely to approve loans for businesses with profiles that traditional banks deem too high of a risk to offer a loan.


Many startup businesses have a tough time getting financing because they have not had a chance to prove their stability. Traditional lenders tend to see them as too risky. But, as a CDFI, Prestamos can extend financing to very young businesses, removing that barrier to growth.

What is the goal of a CDFI?

The goal is to develop economic opportunity for individuals and businesses in communities which are low-income with a concentration of historically underserved residents. We support the community by being a catalyst for change by injecting capital into local areas with the highest needs. This helps to revitalize communities by creating jobs developing housing and commercial real estate for long-term sustainable community growth.

Investing with Prestamos

Community development loan funds put investor money to work in the local community. And, because we work with our borrowers to increase the chances of success, the charge-off rates are generally very low. Because of this, Prestamos has a strong financial track record. We offer a variety of investment products designed to fulfill the needs of a variety of investors.

Grow your business with smart financing:

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