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Located in South Phoenix

Calling Phoenix our home, this city has been an emerging economic hub for the last few years. With a booming economy and a top relocation destination for people from all over, Phoenix has become a hotbed for new businesses. Located at 1024 E. Buckeye Road in Phoenix, the Prestamos offices are in a community that is the embodiment of the shift in economic development occurring throughout the metro area. Helping businesses expand and set their roots for nearly four decades, Prestamos is a trusted Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI).

Central & Northern Arizona Impact

Serving businesses throughout Arizona has been given Prestamos firsthand knowledge of the diverse needs of each community we serve. Understanding these key needs has been crucial in establishing Prestamos as a well respected and recognized CDFI. As these needs vary from Central to Northern Arizona, our main goal is to help put these businesses on track to success. The diversity of our service communities calls for us to address needs in areas of serving first-time business owners or providing assistance to businesses in spaces that are being newly developed. A majority of these communities are also high-need, underserved areas that require both financial and coaching investments. Prestamos is able to support these diverse communities and businesses by providing them the exact assistance they require to grow. Through our partnerships with well-recognized organizations. Some of the businesses we have helped include Aioli’s Burgers, Jobot’s Coffee, B’s Granite, Ageez Barbershop, Art’s Printing, and Icon Mechanical to name a few.

How we help Phoenix Businesses

At Prestamos, we have helped businesses with everything from writing business plans to helping with their online presence to setting up accounting processes and procedures to keep their financials on track. Through our programs and assistance, we have seen businesses immediately expand their footprint, add staff to accommodate their growth, and even add additional locations to fulfill demand. We are committed to ensuring all of our clients have the equal ability to succeed regardless of the situation they are in when they come to us for services. Contact us today to learn more about how Prestamos can help you with a loan or connect you to investment opportunities. Prestamos CDFI, LLC 1024 E Buckeye Road Suite 270 Phoenix, AZ 85034 602-258-9911



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