Damian Preciado

Business Advisor

As a dedicated Business Advisor with a strong commitment to empowering small businesses, I have 10 years of financial services experience and 6 in technology. I assist small businesses in driving economic growth. My expertise lies in collaborating closely with business owners to shape their strategic visions, enhance operational efficiency, and overcome marketing challenges. I excel at crafting actionable plans, conducting in-depth market research, and optimizing operations to ensure sustainable growth. I am passionate about streamlining processes and leveraging technology solutions to maximize efficiency and profitability. Web development, branding, and customer acquisition are areas where I excel. Furthermore, my years of financial services and financial management equips me to guide businesses through complex issues. With a focus on aligning goals and maintaining financial health, I empower small businesses to navigate challenges effectively. I am dedicated to fostering the success of small businesses and contributing to overall economic development. My hands-on approach, coupled with a keen understanding of business fundamentals, positions me as an asset for clients in the pursuit of entrepreneurial growth.

Areas of expertise: Web development, mindset, marketing, social media, branding, systems and processes, sales process.

Bilingual (Spa/Eng)