Nostalgia Drives Local Business Success in Tucson During COVID-19

As many cities across the nation have adapted to the adversity COVID-19 has presented to their communities, Tucson has done more than adapt – it has evolved. While many businesses throughout the city had to halt operations or learn to live in a COVID world, one industry emerged successfully.

What was at one point the popular thing to do on a Friday night, drive-in movie theaters became a thing of the past over the last few decades. Sitting in your car with your loved ones, eating snacks, and watching a movie has made a comeback and is no longer a thing of the past. Drive-in movies have quickly, once again, reclaimed their space in serving as a fun and safe way for people to enjoy a night out while maintaining social distance guidelines.

Drive-In-Theater with cars in the foreground

This serves a great reminder that all industries have a place. While advances in technology may call for businesses to adapt to the times, it is up to entrepreneurs to evolve. iTour, an events management services company in Tucson, faced a considerable loss once the state went into shut-down. However, Ramiro Bojorquez, owner of iTour, saw an opportunity. Having all the equipment and skills needed, Ramiro and his team began hosting pop-up drive-in movie nights. This shift in his business has proven to be crucial in keeping iTour operating during a time when event management is not in high demand.

iTour is an excellent example of how entrepreneurs can pivot their existing business concepts – and they aren’t the only ones. Every business, big and small, has been impacted by COVID-19 and has had to adjust and implement new operational structures. As difficult as this situation has been for many, the pandemic has also proven to be a perfect time for business owners to use their creativity and try things they have never been able to. Big or small, these ideas can be change-makers for the success of a business at this time.

Tucson has a long history of being welcoming and supportive of small local businesses. The success of iTour and businesses like them is a testament to what happens when you are willing to take risks. Communities are seeking ways to stay connected and maintaining a sense of normalcy. Tapping into the nostalgia of drive-in theaters coupled with people’s love of entertainment was a perfect recipe.

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